Gannon "Turncloak"

Freed from certain death by Belkin, Gannon travels with the man once more. Guilty of much sin, today Gannon is reckless, solitary, obdurate and quite lost.


Gannon is unsure where is life has taken him now.
The memory of Bellock Blackheart seems almost like a dream to him these days; certainly it is no excuse, his actions were his and he was not possessed by some evil. He had enough evil in his heart that he did not need to beg demons for theirs. Now, paired again with Belkin Brinx, he is trying to make a better man of himself.
He cares nothing for Lokar’s charge, and hates the Magi with a passion. Still, Belkin and the wodin saved him from certain death, a death that Gannon is convinced he deserved, and he is more than a little annoyed that fate once again has him firmly in her grasp.

Now, he travels with Belkin and his band, helping them when he can, but more often than not helping himself. The rage that drove him to carve his name on the black rock of history as Bellock has cooled, and while he feels no remorse for his crimes, the pirates slow death in the cells of Brea Halak have left him once again lost, and looking for a life that belongs to him alone, and not the cruel gods that seem ever to hound him.

In his dreams, he is haunted by the ominous voice that posses Festus. While the rouge hopes that his days are blood are past him, he knows better than anyone what can happen in the right claimant to the solitary figure of Gannon ‘Turncloak.’ There is indeed a breeding ground for his chaos, and his never-ending darkness; war.

Nightly, he prays to the gods for lasting peace.

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Gannon "Turncloak"

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