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Almost three years have passed since the events of Fallen Oak ended with the defeat of Crowfoot and the sealing of the Runestone Cave. In that time, the world has gone on much the same as it did in centuries past. The small folk try to survive while the merchants ply their trade, and the noble houses vie for dominion.

Even Gannon, former Inquisitor, has returned to a life of stolen gold and bloody glory. Taking the mantel of Bellock Blackheart, he has spent his time stealing and plundering the trade lanes of the Emperor and the Khaja alike.

Yet for Belkin Brinx and his companions Festus Eyran and Kondel Scase, life is very different indeed. Their is a life lived in shadows, hunting the Aether Fiends and searching for scraps of stories once thought to be fanciful legends. Enemies form beyond the Maw of Space, magic weaponry and mayhem is their trade, and business is picking up.

Even now, fate conspires to bring these two back into each other’s company …

Runestone is an original world. Season 2, currently in session, takes place four and a half years after the conclusion of a seven-year-long war and two and half years after the events of Season 1. The game centers around two warriors and their retinue, formerly Imperial Inquisitors and their quests to uncover the mysteries of the world they inhabit. More often than not, these interests center around the Runestone – a material that is magic itself, but that only a rare few can injest and, thus, exploit its power.

The world of Runestone is rough and full of consequences – our personal approach to gaming is to create persistent, real worlds where character actions (both in and between games) have serious lasting effects on the characters themselves and the world they inhabit. This is not a dungeon-a-week game, nor is it a save-the-world campaign (though both of those things may happen). Our philosophy is to tell a great story, which means great characters with solid motivations. Decapitating a 500-year-old zombie-mage bent on controlling the world works, too.

The adventure log chronicles every game played, as well as many ancillary notes and documents used to flesh out the universe and act as game aides. Large story arcs are dividing into “Seasons” made up of “Chapters.” Between seasons there are interludes that fill in the time between. There are also the recently added “Runestone Tales” which are canonical stories that occur in the Runestone universe, but which do not directly effect the games, or necessarily involve characters from them.

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