* time is listed in reference to the forming of the Empire. These are either Anum Imperium ( AI, the Imperial Age, after the founding) or Pro-anum Imperium (PAI, prior to the Imperial Age)

Ancient History

  • ≈2000 PAI – Ancestors (Bakic peoples) land in Solgard. Early evidence suggests a highly civilized culture. They build many cities and bring with them weapons and art that will not be matched until the establishment of the Empire. They also bring legends of an exodus from a cursed land to the West.
  • ≈1500 PAI – Chieftans in what is now Obrionia, Falldallow and Grannick, drive north a proto-Mordic people. Overtime, they become the [[Ma-kraw]]
  • ≈ 1000 PAI as Mords and Baki merge and mingle, true civilization begins to flourish since the landing of the Bakic Ancestors. Large cities (50,000+) begin to thrive. The first great roads are cut.
  • ≈900-400 PAI – “Age of Heroes” many [[The Legend of Belligon Barinor & Serephon | legends]] surround this time. Written history begins as Kings establish large holdings. Borders are flexible and wars frequent. Mordic tribes still roam the south, the Ma-kraw periodically invade.

Pre-Imperial Age

  • 421 PAIZhûrascan far-traders report “a land of godly power” far to the north.
  • 399 – A terrible earthquake devastates northern Zhûrasca, causing many leagues of land to fall under the sea. Ustjubai ships land in Zhûrasca later that year and, with the Stone, help rebuild.
  • 252 – An accord is signed between the King of Listvendy and the Khaja regarding trade and settlement. A tentative and oft-disrupted peace begins.
  • 250 PAI – Last Mordic Chief lays down arms to the King of Vedelia.
  • 240 – Listvendy begins a campaign against Sahmu tribes on the eastern coast.
  • 222 – Zhûrasca begins full-scale war with the Sahmu tribes. Refugees to Listvendy increase
  • 199 PAI – King of[Listvendy grants indentured lands to the Sahmu. Legal settlement begins.
  • 190 PAI– Border disputes begin between Obrionia and Grannick. This begins a long history of warfare between the two nations, leading them to develop mighty fortresses and advanced weapons. Around this time Magi begin arriving in Listvendy.
  • 131 PAI – A Magi arrives at Court in Lorring. Legends begin spreading of their power.
  • 23 – Masar wins a major victory against the King of Bakinia. Bakinia swears fealty to Obrionia
  • 21-7 PAIThe Forging War – Falldallow and Grannick unite against Obrionia. Masar makes a pact with Vadelia. Maefenia joins in 17PAI on the side of Fallddallow and Grannick. Vadelian envoys bring a Magi to Masar’s court.
  • 6 PAI – Obrionia defeats Kings of Falldallow and Grannick in Battle of Tor Valley.

Imperial Age (Anum Imperium)

  • 1 AI – King Masar of Obrionia declared Emperor, Cinradan renamed Masagar.
  • 4 AI – King of Maefenia lays down arms, modern Soldgard established.
  • 5 AI – pyreneum established in Masagar
  • 34 AI – Shaladria has first visions, begins preaching
  • 38 AI – Shaladria hung by Caliphate in Vakrin
  • 141 AI – Sahmu colonists appear in Auminia.
  • 220-224 AI – The Serpent’s War– the Caliphate launches crusaders to Vadelia to crush a Shaladrian uprising. Vadelians loyal to Shaladria fight back and win.
  • 225 AI – Emperor Landon the Lawful deploys troops to quell the Serpent’s War. Second Dawn Council – Shaladrian clergy firmly established, first churches built. The Religion begins to spread, particularly among the peasantry.
  • 399 AI – The Last Battle of the Sahmu takes place on Crag Coast
  • 446 AI – Constant IV is repelled from the shores of Ustjubai
  • 637-640 – A civil war breaks out in Grannick when the Baron of Orelily challenges his tyranical cousin “Bloody” Duke Maego. Ends with the total destruction of Galebreak at Tor Valley in 640.
  • 686 AI – Emperor Locke is deposed by the High Register. He gathers loyal nobles to him.
  • 688 AI – Winter War – Newly crowned Emperor Hayle II and the High Register lead a war against the rebellious Locke and his followers. The four month campaign ends after just three battles, but is extremely bloody.
  • 877 AI – Rexer Danes leads a pirate fleet against Ustjubai

949-987 – Prelude to War

  • 949 – the High Hand, a cult within the Order of the Magi begins to emerge publicly. It is unclear how long the Hand was operating or its true origins. Members wear bits of green rope, a green badge or – most commonly – a green hood or cloak, hence their nickname, “Greenhoods.”
  • 978 – a dark but charismatic Magi named Rthu Teyr becomes the obvious leader of the High Hand. His leadership catalyses the Hand into an open partisan cell against the Order. This rift is codified in the following years as his journeys around the globe win support for the Hand, and cause division among members of the Order.
  • 982 – Greenhoods destroy an Imperial Tradehall in Winedark, along with five Imperial cargo haulers. Although many such attacks had occurred before, this was the largest to date, and the first that the Greenhoods openly took responsibility for. While this alienates the Greenhoods from popular support, it insights and endears radicals, further polarizing the conflict and lending to the escalation to outright war.
  • 986 – Lak B’leet murders the Khaja and ascends to rule Zhûrasca. Though not open about their relationship, he is more-or-less the pawn of Rthu Teyr. Speculation abounds that he was stone-drugged. A tense diplomatic relationship with the old Khaja becomes outright slander and hostility under the new one.
  • 987 – small raiding parties – typically Sahmu and Zhûrascan ships without markings – appear along the southern and eastern coasts of Solgard. Small skirmishes lead to full deployment of the Imperial Navy by the end of 987. All trade ceases between Solgard and Zhûrasca as the two governments begin heavy troop escalation.

989-996 AI – Seven Years War

  • 989 – The Empire of Solgard declares open war with Zhûrasca. For the first two years, the fighting takes place in Listvendy and Maefenia as well as the western coast of Zhûrasca. By the beginning of 992 until the end of the war, fighting took place almost exclusively on Zhûrascan soil. Still, the first 3 years of the war are characterized primarily by stalemate. A brutal war of attrition begins with great numbers of troops moving in complicated patterns across the wide plains of western Zhûrasca.
  • Winter / Spring 992 – In the early months of 992 a formal pact is signed with Lak A’haagal, second son of Lak Ängor and brother to Lak B’leet. This pact was the result of a year-long mission to extract A’haagal from Bagalon following his requests made to Imperial sources. Though not imprisoned officially, his inability to leave the city under his brother’s watchful eye made it necessary to stage an elaborate getaway. Once free, he joined with Imperial forces, devulged the secret of the Greenhood indoctrination of the nobility and pledged arms to the war effort insofar as they would place him on the throne.
  • Fall 992 – using information and arms provided by A’haagal, the 41st Imperial Calvary under the command of Falchioneer Wymer Joyceholly ambushed and killed Rthu Teyr. With their leadership in disarray, the ‘hoods and Zhûrascans under them are continually pushed back over the course of the war. As they advance east in to the more mountainous regions, large battles become less frequent but more strategic.
  • 995 – Battle of Thunder and Flame – entrenched atop the Window’s Veil, the last true Greenhood cohort attempts to use a powerful magic against the Imperials advancing up the hill. 4000 Imperial soldiers are lost, as well as 1000 of the last of the Zhûrascan Greenhoods and their troops. The Seige of Bagalon begins early in 995.
  • 996 – with little hope of breaching the Great Walls of Bagalon, the Imperial army is stretched thin at the gates. Inside, a scuffle ensues involving a group of mercenaries called the Warborn under the leadership of one “Gannon.” These mercenaries open the gates for the Empire, effectively closing the book on the Seven Years War. A’haagal is crowned Khaja. The Empire withdraws under tentative peace.
  • Balwin 998 AI – Masar 999* (Runestone, Season 1: Chapters 1-10)
  • Balwin 20, 998: Belkin Brinx takes the Inquisitor’s Oath.
  • Khey 26, 998: Gannon ‘Turncloak’ takes the Inquisitor’s Oath.
  • Masin 9, 998: Belkin and Gannon meet for the first time.
  • Masin 11, 998: Belkin and Gannon discover the Greencloak encampment.
  • Masin 12, 998: Magi messenger murdered by Utsjubai assassin.
  • Masin 13, 998: Belkin and Gannon arrive in Fallen Oak for the first time. They meet Osrey Ollen, Domina Shale, and others for the first time. Immediately they clash with Shale over the magi murder. Gannon investigates a series of robberies, and meets Emerson Danvers for the first time.
  • Masin 14,998: Belkin discovers the assassin, but the murderer is killed during the pursuit. Identity remains unknown. Gannon suddenly comes into great wealth.
  • Masin 21, 998: Giant boar attacks the market of Fallen Oak, but is quickly dispatched by the Inquisitors.
  • Masin 28, 998: The Inquisitors, deep in the Brackenwood, find the tower of Rakaricon. They kill his menagerie of giant beasts, and arrest him. They meet Festus for the first time.
  • Masin 29, 998: The Mud Rains begin. Older townsfolk begin to disappear.
  • Ruul 15, 998: The Inquisitors, in the course of an investigation, delve into the cave of the mythical Ruth Sisters. Here, they discover that the missing townsfolk have been stonedrugged, and they are forced to kill several, including Sir Gladys. They come face to face with the two surviving Ruth Sisters, and both are dispatched, but not before one actually turns into a demonic beast. The Mud Rain ceases, but has changed into a terrible ooze.
  • Ruul 28, 998: Belkin meets Kondel Scase for the first time, and hires him as a squire. Festus translates the Prophecy of Crowfoot. The Inquisitors meet with Domina Shale and Arch Magi Lokar over the matter, and finally set aside their suspicions. A murderer is arrested and hanged, and the Inquisitors depart for Deersmeadow to deliver a mysterious message.
  • Magis 5, 998: They arrive in Deersmeadow, and spend the night.
  • Magis 6, 998: They open the sealed message, and discover that the bar wench is in fact the Duke’s mistress, and she carries his unborn son. The Earl arrives and tries to kill her, but is foiled by the Inquisitors. They purchase a wagon and, with the lady in tow, return her to Fallen Oak.
  • Magis 11, 998: Gannon arrives in Fallen Oak ahead of the wagon and notifies the Duke.
  • Magis 15, 998: Belkin arrives in Fallen Oak with the Duke’s mistress. They are rewarded with the home of the former Earl, who has been exiled.
  • Magis 19, 998: The Inquisitors investigate a break in at the House Calguun, and are set on the trail of the legend of Crowfoot. They discover that several of the local runescribes have been trading stone for lessons in inscribing to greenhoods. Festus departs for the greenhoods camp to do trade and find what he can. The Inquisitors depart in search of more information on the Crowfoot legend.
  • Magis 23, 998: The Inquisitors arrive at the Brakenwood Crossroads and discover an arms smuggling operation. They are fired on by an unknown party, but solve little.
  • Magis 24, 998: They discover the legend of Crowfoot, and head back to Fallen Oak.
  • Magis 28, 998: Upon their return to Fallen Oak, they talk to Festus, who tells them of ominous whisperings in the greenhood camp of Crowfoot speaking to them in the night. Rakaricon is found dead in his cell. The “Plague” first strikes, running rampant in the town. The Inquisitors track the source to Reme’s Bar, where they fight and kill a terrible Ooze creature.
  • Magis 29, 998: New Year’s Eve. Fallen Oak has a great feast to take their minds off of the plague scare. The Greenhoods are attacked by Aether Fiends, and the survivors begin their march to Fallen Oak through the night.
  • Masar 1, 999: New Year’s Day. The Greenhoods make it to Fallen Oak, and are granted sanctuary under armed guard. The Baron’s mansion is looted by Aether Fiends, and Felldriver stolen. Ancient map of Fallen Oak is stolen by Aether Fiends from the general store. The Inquisitors track a copy down, and discover a secret tunnel under the Earl’s home, sealed by a giant vessel stone created by Serephon. Emerson Danvers, now a member of The Silence, gives Gannon a clue and Crowfoot’s alias: Ember Amelric. The Inquisitors search the town, and find the grave of Amelric has been emptied. They search the catacombs below the Shaladrian church. They encounter Aether Fiends for the first time, and Belkin sees Crowfoot carrying Felldriver. The Aether is closed off. The fortification of Fallen Oak begins.
  • Masar 6, 999: The Battle of Fallen Oak. Crowfoot opens the Mouth, but is killed in single combat by Belkin Brinx. The Warborne ransack the noble district and flee before the battle is ended.
  • Masar 13, 999: Belkin and Gannon meet Arch Magi Lokar in the Aether, and are offered a position as agents of the Magi, investigating the Aether and what must lurk within. Gannon refuses, but Belkin accepts. That night, Belkin leaves with Festus and Kondel, and Gannon rides away on his own. They believe it to be the last time they will ever speak.


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