The Dawn Council

When the Prophetess Shaladria was hanged in 38AI, she left a great number of followers. Highly evangelical, the Shaladrians travelled the Empire proselytizing. As is stated elsewhere, the fact that Shaladria taught in standard Imperial and that her followers preached in the same language was a boon in the early days, and the religion quickly grew.

By the third century AI, it became clear that a serious leadership would need to step forward to codify the religion. Over the intervening 150 years or so, Shaladrianism had fractured, warped and changed – to the point that many scholars were worried about the erosion of Shaladria’s message. The many scriptures, sayings and songs by and about the Prophetess needed to be organized and cannonized. In 208AI, a meeting of prominent Shaladrians met, and over the course of 5 months, created The Sacred Word, the authoritative scriptures of the life and teaching of the Prophetess.

At the end of the Serpent’s War in 225AI, a Second Dawn Council was convened to establish an organized clergy to preserve the religion in the face of opposition, most clearly from the Caliphate. The hierarchy of the Church of Shaladria was set out loosely.

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The Dawn Council

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