Office of Inquisition

Eternal blade kalman andrasofszkySpecial men and women from all walks of life make up the enigmatic group of Imperial investigators called Inquisitors. These are extraordinary individuals who serve the Office of Inquest. Inquisitors come from many diverse backgrounds – military, Magi, merchants – but each is appointed for their extraordinary service to the Throne.

Appointment to the office is not a mere formality and is never given as a reward to an undeserving noble (like, say, a Lordship or Knighting). These are competent investigators that the Emperor trusts with ferreting out dissent, treachery, and high crimes. They are given special writ to travel freely in the lands of Solgard and investigate crimes against the Emperor and his interests (this writ appears in writing by the emperor and in a sigil bestowed by the Baron of Inquest). Their charter is rather simple:

“An Inquisitor, being recognized by His EMINENT SOVERIEGN of SOLGARD, PROTECTOR of the FAITH, the RIGHTEOUS and HUMBLE EMPEROR and his HIGHNESS the BARON of INQUEST; so Raised to his Station by FREEWILL and GOOD FAITH, is hereby chraged: To Root out the Cause of any Threats or Crimes against the CROWN and COURT of Solgard AND; Given such a Right and Privilege, Arrest and Detain all individuals JUSTLY PROVEN to have committed Crime, Folly or Dishonor to his EMINENCE, his Court or any of his Loyal servants AND; To follow in goodly Wisdom, the Laws and Customs of the lands in which he travels. LET IT BE KNOWN that an Inquisitor is within his rights to defend Himself and the Interests of the THRONE with Blood and Steel, provided the customs of Noble Ransom are in observation.”

Beyond this charter, Inquisitors are unofficially given preference at inns and lodges, and typically enjoy good service and free movement around towns and castles. That having been said, most folks are wary or Inquisitors. Although most are decent enough, Inquisitors have a reputation for exploiting their office, badgering people that get in their way and arresting legitimate dissenters as traitors without due process. It’s another case of a few bad apples. It doesn’t help their case that Inquisitors usually work closely with local sheriffs, marshals and minor lords – notoriously corrupt individuals.

Magi inquisitors are uncommon and highly prized. Never mind the defensive capabilities at their disposal, Magi command respect through fear and misunderstanding of their order.Novitiate kalman andrasofszky Moreover, using the stone to psychometrically “read” places and objects can take much of the guess work out of investigations. While unfamiliar people and small details are very hard to notice in this “magic sight,” any people the Magi is familiar with will stand out. Any use of the stone by a criminal leaves not only a clear impression of the magic used, but actually enhances other details by association.

For example, a Magi inquisitors may walk into a crime scene and, using the magic sight, determine that a Zhûrascan assassin shot and killed an individual. If vessel slugs were used, the Magi would be able to tell what spells were cast, the general time and conditions of the environment at the murder and possibly even physical details about the killer.

Office of Inquisition

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