By howard lyonVery few individuals in the world can ingest Greystone without suffering from severe poisoning (as well as other … effects). The few that can are often found and recruited into an eons-old organization of scholars who seek to understand and manipulate the power of the Stone. They are called the Order of the Magi. Magi draw their power from different studies and teachers, from their individuals backgrounds and from the environment in which they practice. What binds them all is a devotion to using the Stone for good and knowledge.

The Magi have their own laws and rulers and, given their incredible power, are given a degree of autonomy by the nations of the world. The more powerful and aged Magi are treated as diplomats and advisors in every court, some are even retained by households – it is up to a Magi where to spend his time.

A pyreneum is a half-Cathedral half-Academy (in the Platonic sense). Every major city has one, though the size and scale of influence ranges dramatically from place to place and time to time. Magi may spend their whole life in one pyreneum, migrate between many, or be placed in one based on their interests, personalities and studies. Magi seal The largest of these pyreneums is the central academy and library of the Magi in the Empire, located in the capital city of Masagar. From there, the Rebbon (the highest ranking Magi) gives edicts to the Arch Magi, who instruct Magi Dominus, who in turn lead the many Magi Adeptus, below whom are the recruits, the Novus Adeptus. The names given are in the masculine, with their female counterparts reading Rebba, Arch Magi, Magi Domina, Magi Adpeta, Nova Adepta. In salutation, the word “magi” is often dropped such that one is called simply Domina or Novus Adeptus, etc.

Since Magi are often given over to the order very early in life, many Magi choose new names for themselves, or earn nicknames from their peers. Magi are unlike other people, so their names are similarly fantastic and may relate to accomplishments, character quirks, or just something they take a shine to. Famous epithets include Baystriker, Crowsfoot, Nine Fingers and Tatterheart.

While the Rebbon is technically the highest ranking individual, there exists in Ustjubai a Council of Elders who democratically make the most important decisions of the Order. They meet irregularly, only when the Order calls for their vote or guidance. This meeting – called an Eldermoot – occurs irregularly, but typically about once every five years they are called for. The members of the council are known only within the order, and even then the information is guarded to discourage any undue influence.

Even with this order, some Magi choose to operate outside its confines. They are rarely welcomed in court, seen as madmen of the woods, dangerous wizards or outcasts. These wandering men and women are the stuff of legends – unusual men and women of supernatural power who flit from place to place learning and teaching. These rogue men and women are collectively called Wodin (“wanders away”) by the order.


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