Imperial Army

All over the Empire, rich veins of ore make armor and steel common. The local militia men tend to ringed shirts and long dirks, while Imperial men at arms sport full breastplates and high helms of steel-reinforced-leather. Imperial Partisans (note the capital “P”) are the Emperor’s cohort spearmen, famous for their bulwark defenses. Most famous of all soldiers, however, are the Falchioneers. These elite shock troops are the most adept mounted warriors in all of Solgard. They are easily spotted by their swooping helms and, of course, their slender curved swords. There are currently 2 breaks of Falchioneers – the 203rd and the 318th mounted cavalry. Rarely deployed as a complete unit, they are usually used as officers and Detachment commanders in other forces. The breakdown of the Imperial army is:

Team – 8 or fewer soldiers within a squad

Squad – ≈ 10 soldiers

Break – ≈ 50-75 soldiers

Detachment – ≈ 500 soldiers

Battalion – ≈ 2500+ soldiers

Brigade – ≈ 10000 soldiers

There are currently 9 brigades (a total of 102,788 soldiers at last roster)

Battle of bosworth

Imperial Army

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