Blood Hunters

There is no single guild or group so notorious as the Blood Hunters. The tales of their skills and lust for violence are so overblown that some believe they are figments of the imagination. Anyone in power knows they are real and prays they never warrant their attention. Armis sarel Originally a clan of tribesmen from southern Zh├╗rasca, they came to prominence under Atwallah Nazeem, a mystical warrior-king. Nazeem recruited the best men from among his tribal families and indoctrinated them to his cultish religion, the details of which are still hidden. What is known is that his loyal cohort became the most feared assassins in the world, murdering their way to Nazeem’s appointment to the Khaja’s court. There, his public identity and that of his followers disappeared from view, and into the realm of legend.

No longer the personal hand of the Khaja, the Blood Hunters have become an organized autonomous sect of mystic assassins. They are, essentially, sell swords and bounty hunters. However, their reputation is for extreme precision, cruelty and disregard for law or country. They will kill anyone in any place in any manner, with one special rule – they get to eat the heart of the victim.

Why this is the case, no one knows, but the art of Heartfeasting is intrinsically tied to their pseudo-religion. Some have speculated that dark blood-magic is afoot. Others claim they are simple trophy hunters, but all know the tales of the Hunter come in the night to snatch a man’s heart from his chest.

How to contact the Hunters, who their members are and who leads them is a mystery known only to the very highest (or lowest, depending on your view) echelons of society.

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Blood Hunters

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