Season 1, Chapter 7: Shady Dealings
in which a book is not stolen, a new magic presence is not evil and an arms dealer is not arrested

After waiting a few days after returning, the inquisitors travel to the guard tower to speak to Osrey about any information he may have gathered. He hasn’t seen anything yet but, after some discussion, decides to bring a few of his most trusted me into the plot – namely to keep an eye out for greenhoods operating in town.

Season 1, Chapter 6: The Letter
in which a prophecy is uncovered, a letter is discovered and the Earl's plans are smothered.

Over the two weeks between the events of the Ruth sister’s cave, things are quiet in the town of Fallen Oak. Willem arrives at Belkin’s house one day feeling much better and gives him two large sheep skins. Gannon uses his as a rug while Belkin makes his into a heavy cloak – a good decision since it’s getting colder now in the late autumn. Old man Scase arrives with his grandson, young Kondel Scase; he gives the boy’s service to Belkin in exchange for not killing him in the caves. Semi-Monthly payment arrives from the Throne to the inquisitors and Belkin’s new horse arrives from a nearby garrison.

Season 1, Chapter 5: The Cave of the Ruth Sisters
in which some sheep farmers fight, a cave is explored and noble knight dies an ignoble death

About one week has past since Rakaricon was defeated, Belkin moves Festus into his house where he tries to avoid detection by the Magi. Gannon sets Festus to translating the scrolls of Actea runes that he took from the murdered Magi at the Yellow Dog tavern.

Season 1, Chapter 4: Beasts
In which it rains, Gannon is severely poisoned and Belkin acquires the title and style of "Belkin Bug Killer."

A week has passed since the foiling of the robberies and the catching drowning of the murderer. The heroes are given a house to use as a base which Belkin moves into (Gannon keeps his room at the Ninebranch). As they sit waiting out the rain in the Ninebranch, Osrey Ollen goes over some recent criminal activities – a few muggings, a bar brawl death of an older man – when a city guardsman bursts into the room screaming about a monster attacking the market.

Season 1, Chapter 3: Foreign Gold
In which Belkin can't seem to catch a break.

Belkin returns to the Ninebranch Hall with the guardsmen dressed in Gannon’s cloak. Once he sees that the man is thoroughly drunk and not going anywhere, he takes off to stake out the pyreneum of the Magi from a room in the Yellow Dog Public House.

Season 1, Chapter 2: Fallen Oak
In which some thieves are killed, others are foiled and a guy gets cooked to crisp

Osrey Ollen explains to Belkin and Gannon that a murder was committed the previous night at the Yellow Dog tavern. Baron Cedarhall arrives to introduce himself and tell the heroes about a series of burglaries that have occurred recently, all centered around a nice quarter of town. The Baron suspects it was the same man who committed the murder, since both featured roof-top entries (this will turn out to be a red herring).

Season 1, Chapter 1: Beginnings
In which we meet our heroes, horses are ridden, and bandits go un-foiled.

Our story begins with a steel gray sky, coming down on a forest in the throws of autumn. Many of the trees are deep browns and dull reds and oranges, but the occasional evergreen poking up makes the whole scene look a drab sea. We see a lone knight on horseback, the swooping helm and curved blade of a Falchioneer bouncing atop his saddle bags. We cut to a scene, many months before:


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