Interlude: The Listvendy Courier
#5, vol.30

19, Danwil 1000

What Really Happened to Fallen Oak??

Sources close to the Register report to the Courier that the massive earthquake that destroyed most of Fallen Oak was not in fact Natural at all but the Result of Magikal Artes! While few in and around the town are speaking much, on-sight evidence suggests Stone Use. Local Zema Julian, of late the owner of the famous Ninebranch Hall, lost her bar, known to be one of the mightiest structures in all Solgard.

Interlude: Gannon, pt.3
Amelon, the 4th 1000 AI; Somewhere in the Narrow Sea.

Part III

Gannon watched as Duggard sped Belkin and Festus away aboard the Maiden’s Slip. He allowed himself a moment to travel back to the days in Fallen Oak. The days when he was doing some good for the world, when the Gods had lost sight of him, and when he felt that perhaps he had cheated fate once and for all. Then came the Daemon Prince, and with the shedding of blood, Gannon ‘Turncloak’ was born again in the fires of combat.

Interlude: Belkin, pt. 1
Hashin 14, 1000 AI- Deep in the Evernight

Vortigen Brand and his companions, Enric and Weylen had been traveling for weeks deep into the frozen wastes of the Evernight. His fur-lined boots trudged through the snow that rose all the way to his knees. The chill drove deep, all the way to his bones. He had never known such a cold before. Even with Weylen’s spells, shielding them from the worst of the storm, he felt his joints freezing solid. But they had to push on, the abnormality in the Aether had to be dealt with, and soon.

Interlude: Gannon, pt.2
Amelon, the 4th, 1000 AI; Somewhere in the Narrow Sea.

Part II

Belkin stared into the chest he had brought on board. The VesselStone was unlike any he had ever seen. It was red and blue mixed in a bizarre swirling pool, covered in golden Runes, the likes of which had not seen the sunlight of the world in a thousand years.

Interlude: Gannon, pt.1
Amelon, the 4th 999 AI; in the city Winedark

Part I

“Leave it, I’m not done.” Gannon grunted, his head bowed, and eyes half open.

Varus put down the flagon of wine. 3 weeks of a drunken, useless leader had left him and the few Warborn left to him shaken. They had ridden from Fallen Oak with a fortune in gold and precious gems, and Varus was certain that things would change. Gannon was a different man. He had given the order to flee, but Varus saw him return to he hill, saw him climb it to save his friend, Belkin.

Chapter 10: From the personal journal of Osrey Ollen: 7 Masar, 999
from the Journal Of Osrey Ollen, commander of the city gaurd of Fallen Oak, Grannick

It is done, at long last.

Belkin and Gannon spent the last few days readying the fighting men we already had. Gannon took it upon himself to rally the best 1000 men of the village and gave a stirring speech, throwing severed heads of the Aether Fiends into the crowd. At first, the men were terrified, unready to see such horrors from beyond the Maw of Space. But with his speech, Gannon steeled the men. Among them he even found some old veterans and in two days time had them trained into appropriate officers to lead the regiments. His Warborn were practically biting at the bit. These were Magekillers, I could tell, with no fear of the Stone or its uses. Shale formed a cohort of Magi with the Greenhoods, making peace with their leader Arik. The fighting men were stationed around the city and the wait began.

Chapter 10, prologue: To Varus Garell

Well my old friend, we find ourselves here once again; badly understaffed, surrounded on all sides, and the damnable Greystone weaving its terrible magics about us. It is wit this in mind that I write to apologize, Varus.

Chapter 9, part 2 - Personal Journal of Osrey Ollen:3 Masar, 999AI
from the Journal Of Osrey Ollen, commander of the city gaurd of Fallen Oak, Grannick

It’s late now, but sleep will not come. Gannon and Belkin left my room here in the tower some hours ago and I’m ashamed to say I shake with fear such that not even a bottle of Sawtooth’s Own Vintage will calm me.

Fallen Oak may live up to it’s name if what the inquisitors say is true. Tis strange now, in hindsight, that half a year ago I thought nothing wrong with my city, was no friend to folk outside its familiar walls and certainly cared nothing for Inquisitors, Greystone and matters of Aether. Now, my life … indeed the lives of nearly everyone I have ever known depend on such things.

Chapter 9 - Personal Journal of Belkin Brinx: Masar 2, 999 IA
Adventure 9

Personal Journal of Imperial Inquisitor Belkin Brinx

Masar the Second, 999 of the Imperial Age

It has been a long, long road that has led us to where we are now. I have spent the entirety of the day organizing a military resistance in concert with Sibbal Hurner, of the “Badgers” mercenary troupe, Captain Ollen and the gracious Domina. And to think, only two days ago the town peoples were deep in their cups, celebrating a prosperous new years. Deservedly so, after that “plague” scare.

Season 1, Chapter 8: The Plauge
in which we say goodbye to rakaricon, reme's burns to the ground and "it's not the plague."

The inquisitors make their way back to Fallen Oak where the streets are empty, even in the mid morning. Fesuts reports that in the Greenhood camp, they are worried about a new phenomenom: Wodin and Greenhood alike are wandering off to follow a voice they hear in their heads – the voice of “Crowfoot.” The voice drives them mad. They are aware of the prophecy and have begun trading runes for stone; in effect stockpiling supplies for a coming conflict. He suspects the voice may be what drove to madness his former friend, Rakaricon.


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