Arch Magi Lokar


Lokar serves as Arch Magi of the Order of Magi from the Pyreneum of Masagar. His history prior to joining the order is unknown, however it was made clear through Ifram Khan that during his early days as a Magi Adeptus, he travelled Zh├╗rasca and became interested in the early origins of the Magi outside Ustjubai.

The Arch Magi is short on words, and is used to having people jump to their tasks when he speaks. He is easily frustrated and does not mince words – if Lokar wants to say something, he says it; and briefly, too. Lokar is not a cunning man, and lacks tact. He is, however, fiercely intelligent and a powerful wielder of the Magical Arts. Still, he can be tricked, and has surrounded himself with trustworthy advisors. Lokar’s greatest talent is in leadership – both in getting a job done, and finding the right people to do it.

It was Lokar who pushed to raise Domina Shale to Arch Magi after the events of Fallen Oak in 998 AI. The two have a mutual respect for each other brought on by both their ability to effectively lead the Order towards its goals and their own prickly demeanors. The two are both studious and stay in regular contact.

Lokar’s reputation is widespread in the Order and his name commands significant respect. Having achieved the high rank of Arch Magi is typically enough, but the fact that he was chosen to serve under the Rebbon himself in Masagar is an honor that demands respect even from mundanes. The apparent autonomy he is given by the Rebbon and the other Magi further speaks to his expertise. As gruff and mysterious as he may be, Lokar appears to be trustworthy and capable.

Arch Magi Lokar

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