Ifram Kahn (RIP)


An Archivist in Brae Halak who mysteriously and suddenly contacted Belkin Brinx.

Ifram Kahn works both as Archivist in Brae Halak, and as an informant for Lokar. His relationship to Lokar can be traced back to the Arch Magi’s former life in Zh├╗rasca, studying early Magi tradition outside Ustjubai. The two worked closely and became fast friends. In the years between, the two have kept up an ongoing study of the earliest origins of the Magi – Lokar from the Order’s own archives, Ifram from secondary sources and scraps of legend.

Ifram is incredible smart, a talented linguist and an avid falconer. He is helpful and smiles often, filled with a love of life. Unlike Lokar, who believes in secrecy and intimidation as a means to moving the pieces on the board, Ifram is forthwith, genuine and amiable.

**Killed as a sacrifice to the demon Shemyazza at the Court of Khemtl

Ifram Kahn (RIP)

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