Bellock Blackheart "The Ghosthand"

The Comador of the Black Flag Fleet and Captain of the GodsBane


The moniker taken up by Gannon ‘Turncloak’ after he fled Fallen Oak, Bellock Blackheart is as vile as his taken name.

Gannon ended his service to the Emperor and found in his soul a vast emptiness, and in his heart a great rage, and he took his revenge on the world. After weeks of loss and bitter longing, he purchased a ship, gathered his Warborn and began burning his way across the oceans of the civilized world; and beyond.

Bellcok had a strange code of honor known only to himself. The man is as famous for stopping a huge Merchant vessel outside of Kilkerna, and demanding a single silver piece for passage and protection across the Narrow Sea as he is for sinking another tradeship in the middle of the harbor at Garren’s Landing; with all hands shackled to the hull.

In Utsjubai he is called ‘The Slayer,’ for killing a young Tribal lordling who was traveling to Masagar as an envoy. In the Desert Kingdom he is known as ‘Ghosthand,’ because it is rumored that he is possessed by a wicked spirit, and travels with the blood mad souls of his victims. To the Empire, he claims the name Blackheart was given to him by a sailor who first saw him cut the heart out of a Mage he killed during a raid; and the story goes that the pirate had such hatred in his soul that when he touched the organ, it turned the color of night.

Whatever his motivations, Blackheart possessed a hatred for the natural state of things, and is fueled by some powerful thirst for revenge on a life that seems to be more than he can bear.

After breaching the sacred agreement to not pillage or rob the ships transporting Stone from Utsjubai, the Emperor and the Khaja mounted a joint fleet to hunt down the brigand, catching him in the still waters north of Brae Halak. The battle that ensued was the most devastating navel engagement since The War. The ships were filled with so much pitch and oil, surly gathered over many years, that it has been surmised that the Pirate was planning to crash several of his vessels into some city docks, setting the vast wooden structure alight and burning them down, which would have been an incredible blow to the economy. The Fleet’s both suffered dearly as the fuel burned the waters, and the battle is called both the Blazing Sea and Bellocks Bane; Bellocks ships were all lost.

Dragged out of the waters, nearly dead and wrapped in the Black Flag that was his allegiance, The Khaja claimed the prisoner, and he was to be hung by the Kingdom.

Only hours before his execution, two Imperials broke the Captain out of his prison, and Bellock Blackheart is once again a storm loosed on this world; rumor has it that the moment he was released, a cold laughter echoed throughout the Aether, and Magi all over the city felt in their very soul that some evil work was left undone.

Bellock Blackheart "The Ghosthand"

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