Crowfoot / Ember Amelric (RIP)


Crowfoot was a Magi that lived approximately 500 years ago. His full story is shrouded in the mysteries of the Magi Archives, but it’s clear that sometime around 470 AI he was tried for High Heresy by the Order. He was imprisoned in the impenetrable fortress that is the pyreneum of Masagar. Defying all possibility, he was somehow able to escape completely unnoticed.

About the same time, the Church of Shaladria in Fallen Oak reports an old wander man arrived seeking asylum. His name was Ember Amelric. He was helpful and studios and in time he came to join the order as a monk. He spent much of his life collecting stories and recording them in the archives of the Church. His chief interests were local legends concerning the legendary warrior-prince Belligon Berinor and his stalwart wizard companion, Serephon. Of particular fascination was Berinor’s sword, a spellsword called Felldriver. He died in obscurity and was entombed in the church graveyard.

When Emerson Danvers arrived at the inquisitor’s home to speak to Gannon, he informed him that the two were one and the same. The spellsword that Crowfoot seeks is the same sword Amelric spent his life researching. While in the crypts of the Church, Belkin saw Crowfoot, newly resurrected with a sword that matched an engraving of Berinor’s blade. His association with the Aether fiends and his true intentions with the sword are unknown.

Crowfoot / Ember Amelric (RIP)

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