Willem Glent, (Former) Earl of Grannick


The foppish nephew of Duke Glent, Willem was set to inherit the title and style of Duke of Grannick at one time.

When his house was spotted as the next target for a group of thieves in Fallen Oak, Gannon entered and was able to foil the attack. When Gannon found the thieves’ stash and gave the Earl first crack at the goods, the two became fast friends. Willem promised great reward when he took the Dukedom.

Willem learned that his uncle had made a child with a peasant in Deersmeadow and rushed there to end her life, force her to go into hiding or kill the baby. His attempt was foiled when the Inquisitors happened to be there delivering a letter to Evelyn from the Duke.

His current whereabouts are unknown but he has not returned to Fallen Oak and his old mansion is now the residence of the Inquisitors.

“I say – step aside or I’ll give you a thrashing worse than any what ever befell such a churlish bag-a-body.”

Willem Glent, (Former) Earl of Grannick

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