Kondel Scase


Although still young, Scase has experienced more in the last few years than most men will experience in a lifetime. As the squire to Belkin Brinx, this wiry 17 year old has gone grown from a plump and inexperienced kid into a whipcord tough young man. Ever Blekin’s stalwart companion, Scase knows nothing but respect for Belkin and has even learned a thing or two about Magic from Festus.

Scase has more than once proved his usefulness on the trail – usually in the form of menial tasks like setting fires, packing food and purchasing necessary goods. But he has grown more adept in his dealings with people – he’s still rather quiet and frank, but generally kind. Belkin has taught him respect for ladies and smallfolk and he treats well those that treat him well. However, his real skill has emerged in his use of the bow.

Scase knows many things about arms and armor after studying under Belkin, but he has surpassed all expectation with his skill in archery. He is never far from his well resined bow, and keeps his fletchings taunt and clean with a methodical precision even Belkin has to admire. No less than three times has Belkin’s life been saved by a single shot from over his shoulder, a dark fletching suddenly appearing in the chest of a foe.

Kondel Scase

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