Gosric Cedarhall

Wide-eyed, he always seems out of place. Smart but soft spoken.


Although he comes across as nervous, Baron Cedarhall is a smart and calculating man. He’s just not good with people.

Since [[Fallen Oak]] was made the capital of [[Grannick]], it fell under the Baron of Cedarhall’s domain. Although Duke Glent keeps a palace in Fallen Oak and regularly stays there, his focus is on matters of Imperial importance, his duties to the High Registry and trying to maintain order in Grannick. As such, he leaves the day-to-day operations to Baron Cedarhall.

The current Baron Cedarhall came to his position as the only living heir of the last Baron, when it was discovered that the only lineage the powerful man left was a timid, studious nephew of 12. In time, Cedarhall grew into his role in the community but never his office. He is smart and capable – a prodigy at calculation, economics and supply – but his stuttering and preference to study has left much of his work unappreciated. Most of the townspeople consider him a dullard, hardly guessing that their daily protection from bandits and plentiful winter stores are the direct result of his leadership. Most civil disputes that cannot be handled by the city guard are brought before the Baron.

Duke Glent despises Cedarhall personally but is astute enough to realize his worth. The two rarely speak, except when Cedarhall must give report to Glent on food supplies and the state of city defense. These meetings are notoriously short.

“A cursory examination shows 16 tons of grain by (an ostensible) 5500 citizens aged 15-30 … What do i want to drink? Oh, umm I’m not sure. What’s good? What’s bad?! Order for me!”


Gosric Cedarhall

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