Reme Margote


Reme Margote is a hero of the Empire and an esteemed member of the Fallen Oak community. He own’s Reme’s Tavern, where legend has it he keeps plundered Zhûrascan gold under the floorboards (this explains the many knife marks around the board’s edges and the constant half-wretched nails sticking up).

Reme served in the Imperial Army for 25 years. In his time with the military, he served with little distinction at first, but in several battles with Zhûrascan pirates in the 970’s he earned a captainship, which later became a position in the Falchioneers. In 988 he honorable left the service and returned to his home of Fallen Oak where he opened his tavern and quickly became a leader in the community. The Baron Cedarhall is seen regularly at Reme’s and even the Duke is said to confer with him from time to time.

Reme’s itself is one long room with a squat bar at one end and many low benches throughout. Out front there is a fenced-in drinking area and, out back, a tile-floored beer garden with an enormous tree at its center. Reme himself lives above the modest bar in a small apartment. His old falchion still hangs above the bar and locals still talk about the time he used it against a thief who (unsuccessfully) held him up.

Hs personality is even, calm and contemplative – though he is quick with a joke and laughs often and deep. He serves ale with joy to his regulars and with an expected amount of propriety to passers-by.

“Yes, that’s a real sword. Now, what are you having?”

Reme Margote

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