Osrey Ollen


Captain of the Guard in Fallen Oak, he reports directly to Baron Cedarhall. He has little respect for Cedarhall and prefers the two stay out of each other’s work. In fact, Ollen has little respect for anyone.

Above all the groups he despises, are people in Fallen Oak not born there. He has an inherent distrust of non-locals be they nobles, travelers or … Inquisitors. Even with his gruff attitude, many locals see him as a kind of hero. More than once he has battled bandits (whom he despises), caught crooked merchants (whom he hates) and ousted thieves (whom he would wish to drown in the local well if he didn’t think it would spoil the water).

He is not a cruel man, by nature, nor a drunk though from time to time he throws boys in deep prison sells to teach them a lesson and can be found often at the Yellow Dog in his mugs. Still, he knows each prisoner in his hold by crime if not by name, and he is always up at dawn for morning drills with the recruits.

“Where are you coming from? What are you carrying? To whom are you delivering these goods? Move along!”

Osrey Ollen

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